The commissions

The three GEM standing commissions deal specifically with matters relating to human resources, taxation and public affairs. These three areas are at the heart of the GEM's action and reflections. Each commission consists of representatives of member companies, working in the sectors concerned.


Human Ressources Commission

The human resources commission supervises the various GEM group insurance contracts (health insurance, accident insurance, loss of income due to illness, occupational pensions). It also deals with labour law, administrative procedures connected with applications for work permits and access to skilled labour. In the context of its activities, the commission regularly cooperates with various cantonal administrative bodies on subjects of importance for the management of human resources of international companies (recruitment of job seekers, access to skilled labour, integration of expatriates, recording of working hours, etc.).


Catherine Noël, Cargill International SA


  • Aude Allaire, Macquarie Commodities Trading SA
  • Mélanie Barleycorn, DuPont de Nemours International Sàrl
  • Cyrille Espinosa, Total Gestion Internationale
  • Fanny Givel, JT International SA
  • Ajar Kahlown, SICPA SA
  • Catherine Nenin, ST Microelectronis NV
  • Isabelle Nicol, Givaudan Suisse SA
  • Luigi Pierleoni, Procter & Gamble Europe SA
  • François Rohrbach, Firmenich SA
  • Norma Rota, Caterpillar Sàrl
  • Fabienne Schellekens, O-I Europe Sàrl
  • Véronique Stofer, Merck Serono SA
  • Ina Stumpe Douffiagues, Litasco SA

Taxation Commission

The taxation commission coordinates the work and the process of reflection on the various aspects of national and international taxation. It has regular contacts with the cantonal or federal authorities during the drafting of laws affecting Swiss or international taxation.

Head :

Pierre de Pena, Caterpillar Sàrl

Members :

  • Christine Benzakein, Ralph Lauren Europe Sàrl
  • Alexis Defrance, Hewlett-Packard International Sàrl
  • Massimo Di Cesare, Richemont International SA
  • Antonio Garcia-Escribano, DuPont de Nemours International Sàrl
  • Eliane Herzfeld, Chemours International Operations Sàrl
  • Ermek Ismankulov, Litasco  SA
  • Thomas Keller, Givaudan Suisse SA
  • Karine Kimmel, Total Gestion International SA
  • Mathias Knittel, HP International Sàrl
  • Enrique Leon, Cargill International SA
  • Michel Merkt, Firmenich SA
  • Sébastien Mortier, SICPA Management SA
  • Jean-Blaise Roggen, Merck Serono SA
  • Mariagermana Romeo, O-I Europe SARL
  • Olivier Straub, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA
  • Julie Tivillier, JT International SA
  • Nicolas Tschanun, Tradall (Bacardi Group)
  • Fabrice Vasa, Altice Management International SA
  • Christoph Wissmann, Procter & Gamble Europe SA


Public Affairs Commission

The public affairs commission deals with the links between the GEM and its various stakeholders who are the politicians, the media and the general public. It acts by adopting position papers relating to topical political or economic issues as well as through various GEM communication activities.

Head :

Claude Ehretsmann, Procter & Gamble Europe SA

Members :

  • Bree Bovay, Coty Geneva Sàrl
  • Alain Brodeur, SITA
  • Magali Dauwalder, Hirslanden SA
  • Thomas Duhamel, TOTSA Total Oil Trading SA
  • Fabrice Eggly, JT International SA
  • Frank Imbescheid, Duracell International Operations Sàrl
  • Suzanne Levesque, Richemont International SA
  • Cédric André Lovis, UBS Switzerland AG
  • Tomas Roztocil, Givaudan Suisse SA
  • Ina Stumpe Douffiagues, Litasco SA