Services and benefits

The GEM provides several types of services and benefits.

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  • NEW: Immigration Services

    The GEM has entered into a Master Service Agreement with a well-known provider for immigration services at preferential rates reserved exclusively for GEM member companies. It offers full end-to-end immigration services for all Swiss immigration procedures, including L, B, C, Ci, G permits, renewals, short-term work authorisation, naturalisation, residency, and business visas.

  • Legal advice

    The GEM provides its members with legal advice about labour law, social security and work permits. These advisory and legal assistance services are provided by lawyers and legal specialists working in the field of labour law. A staff is on stand-by on every working day, and gives advice on drafting of employment contracts and company rules. The GEM is also able to assist and represent its members at the Industrial Tribunal (Geneva).

  • Group insurance contracts

    The GEM offers group insurance contracts, tailored to the specific needs of its members, and covering the following areas:

    • Health insurance (basic and supplementary) for all employees, family members and retired personnel
    • Accident insurance
    • Loss of income in the event of illness
    • Occupational pensions (LPP)
  • Childcare arrangements and organisations

    Under a group contract with the Association of French-speaking Switzerland for childcare companies (ARCE), the GEM provides an information and advice service on the various childcare arrangements and organisations.

  • Forum for exchanges and information

    The GEM upholds the interests of its members, adopts a position on topical policy matters, and constitutes a forum for exchanges and information. Its representatives meet regularly with the federal and cantonal political authorities in the context of exchanges connected with maintaining the framework conditions, in order to pass on the concerns and needs of multinational companies in the Lake Geneva area (corporate taxation, relations with the European Union, etc.).

  • Commissions and working groups

    GEM commissions and working groups are also in close contact with the cantonal administrative authorities (tax authorities, labour inspectorate and authorities in charge of issuing work permits, etc.) so as to exchange and propose pragmatic solutions to national and international legislative changes.

  • Plenary sessions

    The plenary sessions of the GEM, organised in the form of thematic conferences, bring together member companies 10 times per year to consider a given subject addressed by guests specialising in that field. These represent a prime opportunity for exchanges about shared concerns.